I did not include the cost of life index, because it will need to create a new index for income / expense. Secondly in case of long term immigration assumption have been made that local wages will cover differences in cost of life between different cities.

All livability index data have been used.

Using Google refine and freebase reconciliation service, the country and official language have been added for every cities. Official language for countries with more than 3 officials language (e.g. Belgium, Switzerland, South Africa) have been striped down to relevant one (relevant of the population and / or speak in other countries.)

Hosftede culture analysis have been added to the EIU data to allow user to filter cities that match his own cultural expectation. Match have been done based on either the country, sub culture within the country when available (Canada, Belgium)  or larger cultural group (Africa and Arab countries). This have been done using Google refine cell.cross function and faceting / editing values.

Correspondance between cities, country and VSM categories can be reviewed here.

Data for Sri Lanka have been added from an interdependent study available on Hofstede website.

Tableau Public have been used to create the reports and different views.

I also use replace pioneer from time to time for batch editing.

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